Revolve Universal Centrifuge with 15000 RPM

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Revolve Universal Centrifuge RV-UC-15

Rotor Capacity (Max)                4 x 100 ml, 32 x 10 ml (Swing out) & 30 x 15 ml (fixed rotor)

Max RPM / RCF (xg)                15000 RPM /22388 g(RPM and RCF varies as per rotor)

Motor type                                 Brushless DC

Display                                       Digital display

Timer setting                              30 sec to 999 mins & infinite mode

Lid Lock Safety                          Yes

Imbalance Detection                  Yes

Adjustable Ramp & Brake         Yes (selection from 1 to 9)

Weight                                       23 kg (without rotor)

Rotors (not included)                 Multiple rotor options (fixed angle and swing out)

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Revolve Universal Centrifuge RV-UC-15 is equipped with industry standard features and more. Revolve Universal Centrifuge has max speed of 15000 RPM/ 22388RCF and max load capacity of 4 x 100 ml. Revolve Universal Centrifuge can be used with variety of fixed angle and swingout rotors. Revolve Universal Centrifuge has modern auto rotor detection, imbalance detection and Lid Lock safety Features.

Centrifuge Additional Features

  • Max capacity 4 x 100 ml (swing out & fixed rotor)
  • Microprocessor controlled centrifuge with variable speed and Time setting and also with last run memory function
  • Single equipment for different work protocols with an appropriate choice of rotors (Swing and Fixed angle)
  • Maximum tube capacity 32 x 10 ml (swing out)
  • Variable speed from 500 to 15000 RPM
  • Brushless DC motor for maintenance-free long life
  • Large back-lit LCD display for easy setting & reading of multiple parameters (Speed & Time)
  • Adjustable ramp & brake speeds from (up to 9 speed selection)
  • User-programmable (user can set up to 99 Programs with 4 line programs)
  • There are multiple rotor options are there Fixed angle rotor like 4×100 ml, 4×50 ml, 6x50ml, 24×15 ml, 16×15 ml, 12x15ml, 8×15 ml, 4×8 ml PCR and swing angle rotors like 4×100 ml, 4×50 ml, 6x50ml, 16×15 ml, 12x15ml, 32×62 ml, 2x microplates.


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