Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge

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Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge with 15000 RPM RV-UC-15R

Rotor Capacity Max 4 x 100 ml
32 x 6 ml (swing out)
30 x 15 ml (fixed rotor)
Maximum Speed RPM/RCF (g) 15000 RPM / 22388 g (RPM & RCF varies as per rotor) 
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Digital display
Speed Setting 500 – 15000 RPM
Time Setting 30 secs to 999 mins & infinite mode
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Imbalance Detection Yes
Adjustable Ramp & Brake Yes (selection from 1 to 9)
Weight 43 kg (without rotor)
Rotors (not included) Multiple rotor options (swing & fixed angle rotor)
Temp. Range -10° C to 40° C
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Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge with 15000 RPM RV-UC-15R

Centrifuge Features

Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge auto detect rotor and sets maximum RCF on its own. Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge provides refrigeration temperature up to – 10 °C with 9 acceleration mode and 9 deceleration modes for highly sensitive samples.

Revolve Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge speed adjustable range from 500 to 15000 RPM. It has Imbalance detection feature with auto-cut off safety, one touch RPM/RCF conversion & short spin operation option on the keyboard.

Intuitive interface with last run memory feature, equipped with Stainless steel rotor chamber for corrosion free and easy to clean surface. Timer setting are from 30 secs to 999 mints and an infinite mode.


15 optional swing out and fixed angle rotors.

Multiple rotor options: Fixed angle rotor like 4×100 ml, 4×50 ml, 6x50ml, 24×15 ml, 16×15 ml, 12x15ml, 8x 5 ml,24×2 ml, 44×2 ml, 4×8 ml PCR and swing angle rotors like 4×100 ml, 4×50 ml, 6x50ml, 16×15 ml, 12x15ml, 32×6 ml, 2x microplates.


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