Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge for micro tubes

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Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge for micro tubes

Refrigeration Temp. Range     Down to -20°C

Speed Range                               500-15,000 RPM

Time Settings                             30 sec. – 999 min. or infinite

Display  Large Back Lit            LCD

Programmable Feature            Up to 99 user-defined programs of 4 lines each

Lid Lock Safety Feature           YES

Imbalance Detection                YES

Dimensions (L x W x H)         452 x 314 x 278mm

Weight                                        43 KG (incl. rotor)

Warranty                                    2 Years

Rotors (Additional)                 24×2 ml, 4×8 PCR, 8×5 ml, 44×2 ml

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The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge is designed to be used in molecular biology applications.

Refrigerated centrifuge Features

Featuring a large digital display, the microprocessor-controlled Revolve 44-place refrigerated centrifuge keeps all key data points available at a glance. The back-lit LCD display has an intuitive 4-row user-interface that displays important variables in an easy to read format. Users can set as many as 99 programs on the Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge with running times ranging from 30 seconds to 999 minutes and infinity (that’s very a long time).

High-performance DC motor

A brushless DC motor powers the beastly Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge. At maximum capacity (44 x 1.5mL/2mL microcentrifuge tubes) the Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge can deliver spin speeds of up to 15.000 rpm. This highly optimized motor always delivers long run times without a drop in performance. The brushless DC motor also helps the Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge to operate much quieter than comparable instruments without brushless motors. The best part the brushless motor experience is that Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge can be operated with virtually no need for any motor maintenance.

Multi-rotor Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge can be fitted with a range of rotor options, making it a one-stop station for all you microcentrifugation needs. An 8 place (18461 x g) rotor accommodates 5mL microcentrifuge tubes for large volume spin cycles. Two rotor options, 24-place (21420 x g) and 44-place (22388 x g), are available for standard 1.5mL and 2mL microcentrifuge tubes. The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge can also be used to spin PCR tubes and PCR strips with the aid of a special PCR strip rotor (15397 x g) accommodating 4 strips at maximum capacity.

Refrigerated Centrifuge with excellent safety features

The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge has excellent safety features that minimize injury when operating it. A lid lock feature keeps the lid secure to prevent accidental opening during operation. A hefty 43-kilogram frame and sturdy rubberized feet stabilize the refrigerated benchtop centrifuge during operation keeping it in one place always. The beautifully curved body also reduces injuries from sharp corners that can be bumped into unintentionally.

Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge with reliable temperatures

The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge keeps samples cool during centrifugation with adjustable temperature settings. A pre-set quick cooling mode chills the rotor chamber to 4⁰C lower than ambient temperatures in a very short time. The running temperature of the refrigerated centrifuge can be programmed to a remarkable low of -20⁰C. The Revolve Refrigerated Centrifuge maintains a constant temperature (±4⁰C) even at spinning speeds of up to 15.000 rpm.


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