Revolve Magnetic Stirrer 1500 RPM

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Revolve Magnetic Stirrer 1500 RPM

Maximum speed              1500 rpm

Speed setting    15 to 1500 rpm (increments of 50 rpm)

Load capacity     800 mL

Recommended stir bar length    25 mm

Dimensions        124 x 191 x 16.5 mm

Weight 600 grams

Pulse function   YES

Timer function  1 to 99 minutes and infinite mode

Warranty 2 Years

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Revolve Digital Magnetic Stirrer  comes with robust stainless steel top surface which provides resistance to moderate contamination of harsh chemicals, it is a compact magnetic stir plate with adjustable speed up to 1500 rpm. Revolve Magnetic Stirrer is also water spill resistant (IP 65 compliant). Revolve Magnetic Stirrer is equipped with a real-time digital display of current speed, time and has last run memory function for easy continuation of work. Revolve Magnetic Stirrer provides touch pad control for easy operation and and easy to clean flat surface.

Revolve Magnetic Stirrer plate has the additional function of pulse mode, improving the mixing process, by stirring for 30 seconds in each direction. Revolve Magnetic Stirrer is only 1.65cm thick,  600 grams in weight, Revolve Magnetic Stirrer is one of the lightest and thinnest magnetic stirrer in the market. Revolve Magnetic Stirrer plate is maintenance free. The total load of Revolve Magnetic Stirrer is 800mL. The best stirring effect can be obtained with a bread base 250mL beaker. Revolve Magnetic Stirrer starts mixing at the speed of 15 rpm and can go up to 1500 rpm with speed increments of 50 rpm.


RV-MS-15 Manual

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