AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips

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Specifications:  10 µL, 10/20 µL, XL, 200 µL, 1000 µL, 1250 µL.

Available lengths:  31.20 mm, 45.80 mm,

53.40 mm, 84.30 mm, 97.60 mm.

Available colour:  Clear

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AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips helps obtain maximum sample recovery with precise and comfortable pipetting. AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips has hydrophobic surface in its inner walls enabling complete delivery of liquid samples upon dispensing thus even the smallest sample amounts can be precisely dispensed. With AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips viscous liquids can be processed more easily. It is available with filters to eliminate the radioactive, biohazardous or corrosive substances from entering the inner parts of the pipette which helps increase the pipet life and thus reducing the service and repair.

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